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There are plenty of mentorships and courses that teach you how to generate leads and close more sales. At Fit Coach Pro Academy, we go beyond that. We will show you how to build the foundation for your business, so that you have a much higher success rate with growing and scaling. That includes back-end systems, client management techniques, social media strategy, growth and sales, and SO much more! If your business is currently making less than $100,000 per year, this is the course you NEED!


We will show you how to put it all together

Learning all the aspects of how to build your business will give you the advantage you need in the health and fitness industry

Building Your Offer

Learn how to build the perfect offers that align with what your audience needs and what you enjoy delivering.

Enhancing Your Systems

Without efficient systems in place, you won’t have enough time to grow your business. Learn how to use specific tools to maximize your efficiency.

Growth and Scaling

Learn the best sales, marketing, and retention strategies that will finally take your business to the next level.

Alessandra Scutnik

Alessandra is the co-founder of SD Evolution, an online health coaching company that was created to help busy humans develop health and fitness protocols that fit their lifestyle.

Alessandra has always had a knack for social media marketing, quickly scaling multiple accounts to grow her total audience to over 150k followers. But it isn’t the total follower count that is impressive- It’s the engagement she has with that audience.

In co-founding Fit Coach Pros, Alessandra is driven to provide you with those same tools and strategies.

Joelle Cavagnaro

Joelle Cavagnaro is the CEO and Founder of Level TEN; an online health and fitness coaching company whose mission is to empower individuals worldwide to transform their lives through evidence-based health and fitness coaching. What started as a one-woman coaching business evolved into a collaborative team of 10 coaches who have united to debunk health misinformation, provide a roadmap to sustainable change, and transform lives for the better.

After nearly a decade of coaching, scaling, and entrepreneurship, Joelle’s journey in the fitness industry led her to become a co-founder of Fit Coach Pros, where she now has the privilege of helping other coaches streamline and scale their own health and fitness coaching businesses.

Josh Scutnik

Josh is also the co-founder of SD Evolution. After several years of success working directly with clients, he and Alessandra grew their team by bringing in coaches while they focused on building the business to reach an even larger audience.

Josh’s primary areas of expertise are sales and product development. This passion has allowed his companies to evolve and grow year after year.

It has now become Josh’s mission, in co-founding Fit Coach Pros, to help guide other health and fitness businesses to reach levels that they never thought were possible on their own.

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Everything you need to grow your online health coaching business.

Fit Coach Pro Academy

$999 *annual subscription

  • 16 courses covering critical business-building topics.
  • 50+ hours of video content utilizing modules recorded with previous students, so you get even better context!
  • Immediate access to all existing courses + any additional modules we add in the future.
  • Private community inside the Academy.
  • FREE access to Fit Coach Pro’s coaching software (over a $1200 value)
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What people are saying

“My biggest takeaway is being able to produce more quality content that has been super helpful and my back-end systems are so much more seamless, they run smoothly. I have set up my email that I’m really excited about and the email list is growing.”

Elaina Koyl
Your Intended Health
“I have always been very skeptical about business coaches, business mentorships. The reason that I pulled the trigger with FCPA was because it was run by Alessandra, Josh and Joelle. I’ve always looked up to them. I have always been in alignment with their beliefs and their values. And so it just kind of felt like a no-brainer to me.”
Ashleigh Hubbard
A Hub Nutrition
“My biggest takeaway in the mentorship has come because Josh, Alessandra, and Joelle are so open and honest about their own journey as business owners. It let me see that there are different seasons for businesses and how your business looks today may not be how your business is in six months or two years and that that’s okay!”
Stephanie Korn
Stephanie Korn Wellness
“If someone asked my opinion on joining fit coach Pro Academy, I would tell them 100% to do it. It gives you confidence as a business owner. It gives you direction with the business, and it just gives all the tools that you need to actually make huge changes happen. It has paid for itself in my business growth!”

Jessica Kerger
Kitchen to Kilos

The guidance we wish we had when we started

Learn how to take your company to $100,000+ per year

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No! As long as you are ready to start building your business, you will get a TON of value from the Academy. You will be taken step by step through establishing your entire process. So for brand new businesses, this will help you build as you go. For existing businesses, this will serve as a way to audit and enhance your existing systems.

Once you activate your membership, you will immediately gain access to every course, every module, every bit of content that’s in the Academy. There is nothing else you will have to purchase to gain access to.

We use Stripe as our payment processor, and they currently accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as bank accounts.

The content is organized by each course topic. When you log into your account, you will see all of the courses available. You simply click on the one you want to complete, and all of the modules will show as part of that course. Additionally, as you mark each module complete, it will update with what percentage you have completed of that course!

That is the best thing about the Academy- it’s go at your own pace. Pick and choose the courses that make the most sense for you RIGHT NOW. Re-visit the ones you need later. By organizing the content this way, you are able to learn, build, and grow rather than being overwhelmed by everything all at once.

Once you sign up, you’ll be redirected to your account page where you will immediately get access to all of our courses! Simply click the one you want to begin with and get started building your business today!

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